If you’re like most people you have dreams and desires that you want to attain. There are great vacations, accomplishments, promotions, wealth and successes that could be in your future. The problem is how do you get there? How do you get from point A to point B in your life and get through all the trials and tribulations that life brings along with it?

There is an easy technique to use that is very successful and just about every single person out there that has accomplished great things has used this one motivational or success technique. This technique also works wonders for sales professionals – hint, hint. What is this technique? It’s simply having a hero. No I don’t mean having Superman or Flash Gordon next to you. What I mean is a character either from the past or present that you hold to a higher standard.

A hero for you needs to be someone that you see as having accomplished greatness in their lifetime. Someone like Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Hank Aaron, Mike Schmidt, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ, etc. The list is long with people to choose from. The important thing here is to pick someone that you see as personally great. Someone that you can personally identify with and envision and feel the pain and suffering they went through to attain greatness.

Now the trick here is simple. Get a picture of this person the size of a wallet picture. Place them in your wallet and then whenever you hit a roadblock in life, a tough barrier, person, stressful event, etc. poll that picture out, look at it, and then ask what with this person do in this event? How would they handle the same situation that you are in? How would they seek to be remembered for their decision or would they even seek to be remembered for that?

By bringing in this “hero” or hero card as some may refer to it as, you are bringing in higher consciousness to your thought process. In every case it gives you another route of how to think about something and will help you find a better way out or a better solution.

For example I have in my wallet Martin Luther King Junior’s picture and Gandhi’s picture. It helped me tremendously when I can sit and ponder a problem that I’m currently facing and put one of these two characters in my place and ask what they would do or how they would handle the situation. Many times the way they would handle it in the way I would handle it are entirely different. This helps guide me down the right path and not the wrong path.

It is a very useful tool for handling stressful situations. For instance, if your girlfriend or spouse is yelling at you for something you inadvertantly did wrong but really didn’t mean (guys you know this happens) instead of reacting wrongly and firing back at them in a mean fashion. It’s much more helpful to say, “hey, I’m sure Martin Luther KIng faced this issue, and knowing that how would he react? Would he be belligerent and mean? No, he would be patient and kind to his spouse.

He was wise and would instead think of long-term goals, happiness and his love for his wife. He would probably let her rant until she cool down and then find something nice to say about something else to get her off that subject. He would’ve been calm, collect and used tact.

Here’s another great example – for kids handling bullies, how do you think Hank Aaron, who grew up in extreme poverty, have handled it? What would he have said when all the other kids were wearing $200 Air Jordan sneakers and he was wearing $10 Keds or KMart brand sneakers because it was all his parents could afford? He would’ve ignored the comments and been proud of what his parents provided him with. Hank Aaron had a deep respect and love for his parents. $200 sneakers don’t earn you true respect or true happiness. Nor will they make you jump any higher or play any better in any sport.

There are heroes of all ages, shapes, sizes, etc. you just have to pick one or two that mean a lot to you and that will move you to act in the way that you want to. You can even pick Jesus Christ as a hero if you would like. Many consider him to be the greatest example of kindness, hope and love to ever exist. Whatever the heroes you pick make sure and get a picture the size of your wallet and put it either in your wallet or your purse. Then pull it out, look at it, meditate on it for a few seconds to a minute, and then ask yourself how would that hero respond to the situation you are facing.

99 times out of 100 it’ll completely change how you see things. It will change your perspective on things and you’ll see things are as bad as you are making them out to be. The insurmountable problem that you’re facing is no longer insurmountable because it’s nothing compared to what some of these people I listed above have faced in their lifetimes. Martin Luther King Jr. was firebombed out of his house numerous times. Hank Aaron grew up in such poverty that he never learned how to play baseball with a bat or a ball – he had to learn with sticks he found in the forest and rocks and bottle caps – this is also what made him one of the greatest and most accurate hitters in the history of baseball.

Good luck with this I’m sure this will change your views and will help motivate you down that path to attaining the goals and dreams that you desire. Please watch the videos I’ve posted above and below on this exact same topic of selecting a hero and why you need a hero in your life – it will only benefit you.

Above all else remember the one that makes us all possible – God.

“I know the plans I have for you, ” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

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