You too can take your sales to new heights and easily be the best in your company and maybe even in your region of the country with just this 1 simple technique - the power of 1 more!

I’m going to give you a great sales technique right now!  It’s a technique that works each and every single time and can greatly increase one’s sales tremendously over even just a few months!

Let’s think about it, what really is sales?  When you really think deeply about it it all boils down to a numbers game.  It doesn’t matter how good you are sales or how terrible you are.  You could be brand-new or have been in sales for over 30 or 40 years.  It doesn’t matter this technique is rarely used by salespeople and it amazes me because it works so well.

I can go into  sales pits, sales floors or even sales meetings from coast-to-coast regardless of what industry and I would have to say I’d be lucky if I could find one individual using this technique.  I just went into two different sales related companies – one in the automotive business and the other in the fitness industry – both had sales veterans that had been with their companies from 10 to upwards of 40 years – and not a single one was using this technique.

Most of these companies even pay thousands of dollars to train each of their salespeople on an ongoing basis every year.  They use the biggest names in sales training and then they wonder why after their salespeople come back from training that they don’t see any real changes or gains.  Many of these companies after a while stop investing in sales training altogether because they don’t see good returns.  Maybe what these companies need to do is read this right here -I’m going to give you in a few seconds here at technique that is so easy and works so well that it will boggle your mind.

This technique is so powerful that you can literally double your sales in less than a year.  That’s to put it mildly because if you crank it up a notch or two with this technique you can literally triple, quadruple or even further increase your sales and thus your earnings.  Guess what?  The best part is it’s absolutely free because I just want to pay it forward – I believe that the world is full of good people and these people just need to be shown or taught how to do a few things to greatly improve the quality of their lives and overall happiness.

Change your life by changing your perception!

So what is this great technique?  Or remember what I just said earlier –  let’s break down sales.  After all sales really is just a numbers game.  So regardless if your car salesperson, a telemarketer, a stockbroker, investment banker, insurance salesman or woman, or to sell real estate – regardless of what sales industry you are in this technique will work for you.  It doesn’t even matter if your business to consumer or business-to-business it works just the same.

Here is the technique in a nutshell.  Get your true sales numbers.  Find your current trending daily average of prospects for the previous month.  This is the number of people that you currently speak to in a day.  You may have for one day, 10 the next, and so on if you sell big ticket items like cars, real estate or insurance.  If you’re a telemarketer or a inside business-to-business sales person your daily running average might be 50 calls.

Whatever your daily average is you want to make sure you averaged out for at least a month because you will have some highs and some lowes you want to get the running daily average.  You also want to make sure it’s for the previous month and not the current month unless this month is almost over.

So let’s say you’re a telemarketer or inside sales person and you’re current daily running average for the previous month comes out to 55 calls.  This means that on average you talk to 55 potential customers per day.  If you’re business-to-business they may be current customers, regardless they are prospects.  Now what’s funny here is most people that average pretty much stays the same throughout their career.  Then they wonder why they work harder to sell more to earn less money.

Remember what I said it’s a numbers game. The only way you’re going to win is to become the casino and turn the game and its odds in your favor.  So, what if we took that 55 average per day and made it 56?  What would that do?  Would one more phone call be that big of a difference?  Seriously, what if you were a car salesperson and you’re running daily average of prospects for the previous month was 5?  What if you made it six?  Is the hard? Not at all.

Now let’s think about that for a little bit.  Let’s say your closing ratio is one out of 10 customers for example.  If you contacted just one more prospect per day that would mean every 10 days you would make one more sale.  That would also mean you would make three extra sales per month.  Depending on the type of sales that you do that could easily add several hundred to several thousand dollars to your paycheck per month. Bingo you just got a big pay raise and you only had to contact one more prospect per day!

Drive – a great motivational video that explains why some people are average and others strive for and achieve greatness!

Here’s the kicker – the next month add one more to this number (ie. 57 for the telemarketer or inside sales example).  And then you do that each month.  You will find that it’s very easy to get yourself in just six months to a daily average of at least 61 prospects.  For the car salesman they could easily go in six months from five prospects a day to 11.  Do you know what this would do to their numbers and their bottom line sales.  It’s compounded growth going to work for you.

For the car salesperson it means they want from an average of 15 cars sold per month (5 prospects per day times 30 days) to over 33 cars sold per month!  That takes him from the middle to number one in the car dealership and most likely tops in their region in just six months!  For the inside sales person or telemarketer the results are the same they end up more than doubling their sales and their take-home pay!  Just look at the below numbers for an average car salesperson doing 1 more – it really is that easy to double your sales!

Daily average of prospects            Prospects per month          closing ratio         cars sold

Month 1 –                      5                                        5 * 30 = 150                         10               150/10 =  15

Month 2 –                      6                                        6 * 30 = 180                         10               180/10 =  18

Month 3 –                      7                                        7 * 30 = 210                         10               210/10 =  21

Month 4 –                      8                                        8 * 30 = 240                         10               240/10 =  24

Month 5 –                      9                                        9 * 30 = 270                         10               270/10 =  27

Month 6 –                      10                                    10 * 30 = 300                         10               300/10 =  30

Now that is if you only did one more and it’s also assuming that you never improve your closing ratio.  You don’t have to wait six months for this growth.  You could do two more per day to start off with – you could even do five more.  But it’s the same thing with any new habit.  You want to make it easy and then you want to track the results and stick to it.  Too many people will try a new sales technique or try and form a new habit like losing weight and they fall off the wayside too early.

Many times they set their goals too hard.  It’s never wrong to have goals but you want to make them achievable goals.  By sticking to one or two more you’re making it much easier for yourself to do and you also have to understand there are life situations that will come into play that will slightly derail you from time to time.  You could get sick and be out for three days.  There’s a death in the family you have to go and travel for two days.  It could be anything.

So the goal here is to choose and establish easy goals.  These same goals are used by bodybuilders and fitness experts and have been for years to get them passed their plateaus.  You can use them to break any sales plateau and easily become a leader in any sales industry.

Please use this skill to greatly increase your sales.  Be sure and keep a graph, even if it’s as simple as a sheet of graph paper, to track your sales and your daily running average of prospects.  If something happens and you miss your daily average one day catch it up over the next two or three days.  Regardless of what happens you want to make sure your daily running average is your target for the entire month.  This is why we choose easy goals.

Easy goals = easy success!

So use this technique and then remember, when you become successful take a little time to help others and show them what I’ve just shown you or something similarly helpful.  There are lots of good people in the world some just need a little push or prodding in the right direction or little education or maybe even just a little of your time.

How to change your life in just 10 seconds!

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