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Have you watched the movie The Secret? If you have in it you will see a little bit about vision boards and how some people that have attained massive goals use them to achieve their goals. If you have not watched the movie that’s okay because I’m going to tell you all about vision boards and then you can also click on the above video and watch me demonstrate it for you.

Basically vision boards take the premise of putting goals directly in front of your face multiple times per day. The purpose of this is by seeing your goals it will help you to focus and channel your energies on your goals. It will help you to redirect your activities and your desires so that your goals are much more likely to come to fruition.

As we all know, if we leave our desires and goals to the wind, which many people do nowadays, not much will come of that. You are letting the world and world events control your life. That’s not good because you won’t be happy and you’ll always be miserable. That’s not how to be successful. The biggest winners or heroes in life got to where they are because they took a stand for something. They had drive and purpose. They had goals and took control of their lives and through that controlled the world around them. As the great Napoleon Hill once said, “if the man is right his world will be right.”

“If the man is right, his world will be right.” – Napolean Hill

That is great wisdom. But we need to understand is the world is not fair and it wasn’t meant to be fair. Your thoughts will dictate were you go in life. It’s like a magnet you can have negative thoughts and draw all kinds of negative problems and circumstances in your life. Or you can gain control of your life and your world and be positive and learn how to draw in all sorts of positive things.

Using a vision board helps to do this by doing several things:
1. you must actively figure out what it is you really want (these are you goals).
2. you then have to take the time to correctly place your goals out on this vision board.
3. then by placing this vision board in an area you’re gonna see it multiple times per day – like for instance in front of your bathroom mirror, or by your desk at work, or in your car, regardless of where you place it you are forcing yourself and your mind to focus on those goals.
4. this forces your subconscious mind to work on bringing these goals to reality.
5. it also forces you to get back on the right track – this is half of the battle in goal attainment. Vision boards help you to stay on track. It’s kind of like you are your own personal coach.

With a vision board you cut out pictures of a few goals that you want to attain it could be a trip to Mexico, a fast sports car, maybe it’s that girlfriend or boyfriend that you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter what your goals are. Just make sure you don’t pick too many of them.

I have seen countless vision boards were people have over 100 goals that they want to attain and they have all those little pictures all over the place. They look like a mess. That is not a proper vision board. You need to have just a few goals at a time.

Some people will tell you one goal. Some people will tell you five or 10 is ideal. Everyone is a little different in this area. My suggestion is for your first vision board to select no more than four or five goals. Also you want to pick goals that are attainable. There’s nothing wrong with picking a goal that so far out there like being the first astronaut on Mars, but a lot of people lose their vision and their motivation when they pick a gold it’s too far out of the ballpark.

My suggestion is to have 3 to 4 goals that you can attain to a little easier and too little harder and then maybe one extra goal of something way out there to really shoot for. This way you’re always attaining working to attain a goal and you don’t get sidetracked or lost or lose your motivation.

Whatever your goals are once you’ve selected them get some magazines, newspapers for old photographs and cut out pictures that showcase those goals. A nice pretty picture of a beach in Mexico. The newest Ferrari or Lamborghini if that’s what you like. Maybe it’s an expensive watch. Or a trip for trout fishing and fly fishing in Alaska. It doesn’t matter what the goals are, you just need to showcase them on this vision board in this vision board is a poster that doesn’t need to be any bigger than a sheet of paper.

The point here is to get your goals and put pictures or visions behind those goals and then place them on this vision board where you’re going to see it every day when you get up and when you go to bed. Basically what you’re doing is empowering your mind and your subconscious to go over and over and over again with these images of your goals.

What this will do is make your mind work over time in finding ways to bring these goals to fruition. And guess what it’s proven that vision boards when done correctly work. They are proven to make people more successful. People that use vision boards have been proven to be over 90% more successful than those that don’t use them. Let me say that again, and I want to say here in bold print to help drive the point home –

people that use vision boards have been proven to be over 90% more successful in obtaining their goals and their dreams then those that don’t use them.

Now you might sit back and say – that’s for someone else or it’s too much work or it’s not for me. Let me ask you this – are you happy right where you are in life? Do you have everything you ever wanted? Are you living in the house of your dreams? Do you have financial woes or problems? Do you love your boss and your job? If you had everything you could want would you still be working now? What is there that would really make you happy?

Answer those questions for me and I guarantee you you could benefit and would benefit from using vision boards. Watch me show you exactly how easy it is to create a vision board in the video links I put on this page at the top and at the bottom of this article. Once you’ve created your vision board you just need to look at it every day and imagine your self either at those locations having that wonderful vacation, enjoying the beach and the fresh air blown through her hair, or maybe it’s you sitting in that car behind the steering wheel while everyone gawks at you because you’re driving a $300,000 Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Maybe you want that beautiful wife or girlfriend or boyfriend. Imagine it! See it! Feel it the more real your vision is and the more real your experience is the more likely you are to attain that goal. The vision board is next remotely useful tool that helps get you on track to all the things that you want for your life. It can help to stop you from focusing on the things you don’t want in life (like being broke, bad friends, depression, etc…) And it can refocus you to bringing in all sorts of positive things that you want and wish for your life.

The choice is yours. The data and the research is out there. 90%+ increase in goal attainment just by creating, implementing and then using a vision board. I can only tell you so much about it now it is your turn to go and do something about it. Watch the video I will show you exactly how to make a vision board and tell you more about it. Then put into place and watch your goals and dreams become a reality.

I wish you the best of luck and always remember the one that makes everything possible – God!

“Never will I leave you: never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “the Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals due to me?”
Hebrews 13:5-6

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