If you’re in sales, one of the most important things to a sales professional is to turn their current prospects into customers and then to keep their customers for life.  Sounds easy, right?  Keeping a customer for life is a lot harder than you think.  There are competitors of all sorts whether they be sales reps or new products and new technologies.

With the Internet now it’s so easy for a customer to find a better deal, alternative method or process.  It’s becoming more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.  In this article on the show you a tried-and-true sales technique that is guaranteed to make more of your prospects become customers and then turn your customers into lifelong friends, allies and even sources of new prospects. Yes, this is where the truly great salespeople shine – they excel in getting their customers to bring in their friends, relatives, etc. and help turn them in a customers.

Well, to get you started, this simple technique should be implemented on any big days for your prospects and current customers.  What I mean by that is birthdays and anniversaries and any other important dates.  When I did it I basically just used birthdays as I had a lot of customers.  The technique is to utilize a special day, on this day in history or similar website or new source on the Internet to get information for that person’s special day when they were born.

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Some of these sites on the Internet are free (ex. and others have a membership like five dollars a month or something like that – worth every penny of it believe me.  Go take a look at one of these millennial or milestone websites.  Wouldn’t you feel great if someone sent you something of all the events that occurred on the day you were born or the day that you and your wife were married?

Below is just an example of information for July 12:




What would it tell you?  It would tell you that person was really thinking about you and would make you feel great about them.  It would also increase the trust factor astronomically.  The people you send that to will have a hard time trying to buy from someone else or another company.  You sent them some really interesting and cool stuff – just look at the above example for July 12 – it has Babe Ruth’s baseball debut as a pitcher, the start of Lithuania as an independent republic, and the first minimum wage law (33 cents per hour). When your prospects or customers need a product whether it be a high expense item like a car or a house or a bunch of low expense items like nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical products or housewares they will think of you and ill be forced to think of you in a good light.

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You will certainly stand out from all of the other sales reps because none of them are using this.  And believe me there are not – I have been to many sales conventions, seminars with the industry-leading sales gurus (most of which just pass around decade-old information), actual sales floors and sales pits and I have never seen someone use this technique other than the ones I’ve shown how to do it.

It’s so simple to use and it works so well.  This technique will turn a larger percentage of your prospects into customers and then it will help convert just about all of your customers into lifelong customers.  Not only that but it will also take your customers and turn them into some your best sales people – this is where it gets multiplied and gets fun.

I’ve actually had customers that would send me 3 to 10 or more of their friends and/or relatives per year to buy from me.  What’s great about these sales is I already had an in – they came with a high recommendation from my own customers.  Almost every single one of these people became customers of mine.  And then the process went on and on.  You can do the math after a few years of using this technique alone you should easily have so many customers that you don’t know what to do with them all and have to hire an assistant.

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So, if you want to increase your customer retention, turn more prospects into customers, make your customers lifelong customers and make many more sales then you need to start using this sales technique.  Print out a copy and send them a letter or a card for their birthday with the this day in history information.  Watch what happens – your prospects will become customers, your customers will love you and they will start sending you their friends and relatives and you’ll be making sales like never before.  You will be making customers for life!

Once you become successful please take these ideas and help someone else become successful.  I believe in the pay it forward system and that’s why I’m providing this information absolutely free right here.

Also do not forget the one who makes it all possible – God.

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