Most sales positions don’t just involve sitting behind a desk calling people or just staying on the sales floor waiting for customers.  It can also involve attending trade shows or industry related events.  This is where you have the big chance to get your product, brand and name out there.  It’s a chance to shine and unfortunately most sales representatives don’t understand how to differentiate themselves from all the rest of the pack.

How would you like to be able to be the one coming away from an event that had the most impact of any other sales representative, brand, etc. there?  How valuable you think that would be?  Research shows that the average company that attends the trade show or similar event will get on average 20 to 50 names of potential prospects.  Some events are a little larger than others, but regardless only about 10% of these prospects become turned into customers.

So how do we increase our impact and branding and stay professional the same time? It’s very simple – instead of spending a lot of money on fancy flyers, product giveaways, branded item giveaways (pens, hats, t-shirts with company or product names on them) let’s be creative.  Let’s think outside the box for a second.  What if instead you took a bunch of dollar bills and place them each in a Ziploc baggie with your card and it and a piece of paper that said at XYZ company we put money in our clients pockets.

What do you think that would do?  Being that you’re already spending several dollars for each giveaway and many participants will take more than one item so you could be spending literally five to $10 or more per potential prospect – instead now you’re just spending one dollar each.  On top of that nobody else is doing this.  You will stand out from the crowd and you will be the one sales representative whose table is the most visited, most talked about and most remembered.

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I have actually done this and instead of taking away 20 to 50 potential prospects – I’ve come away with hundreds to even thousands.  The best part is all of them remember me when I call them.  I’m the guy that gave them the dollar bills in the bags.  I’m the one that put my money where my mouth is.  On the one that dared to step up and differentiate themselves.  And guess what?  I had a far larger percentage of those prospects that turned into customers – far larger than anyone else that attended any of those trade shows and events that I was at.

On top of that the company I was with saved money over their typical giveaways.  The company branded T-shirts ran from $12-$15 each.  The hats were anywhere from $10-$15.  And the pens were generally around a dollar to two dollars each.  So instead of spending on average $10-$20 per potential prospect I was now only spending one dollar each.

As an added bonus the local press at numerous shows that I attended did write ups on the trade show or event and placed me front and center as the main attraction of the show.  Most of the time I was one of the smallest vendors with a table in the back – yet I got more impact out of this technique then the largest vendors that paid the most at each of the shows.

Now you don’t have to do just this one technique.  The main thing here is to differentiate yourself from everyone else – if you don’t do this you will have marginal results in marginal returns on your company’s investment and your time invested in these trade shows or events .  This is an idea that I did and it worked great and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.  It works great for business to business (B2B) it also works great for business to consumer (B2C).  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling insurance, real estate, boats, investment advice, consulting, etc. it will work and work like a charm.

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