Here’s a very simple sales technique that has been proven to get people to call you back.  Not only does it do that but it also puts you at the top of your customers pile of business cards of who they’re going to call back.

Think about this – what would make your business card stand out from every other salesperson’s card?  What would easily make you more memorable than anyone else that your customer or even people that you network with that day met?  What would make you stand out like a sore thumb and in a very good way that will get you the line share of return calls, interested customers and thusly sales?

Is it fancy,  expensive business cards?  I’ve seen business cards they can get upwards of a dollar apiece to have printed in bulk – that gets too costly for the average person to go handing around to every person that they meet.  Especially when you find out this simple little technique which would make your business card even stand out from the expensive business cards and make you easily far more memorable.

 Change your life in 10 seconds!

What is it you ask? It’s very simple – just go to the dollar store and buy some little yellow, round smiley face stickers.   You can get anywhere from 100 to 200 of them for a dollar.  Then just take the smiley face stickers and place one on each card in a place where it doesn’t cover up your name and contact information.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes.

Now go back to those customers or especially a networking event.  And pass out your business card with the smiley faces on them.  Watch what happens.  People easily remember you as you are smiley face guy.  No one else will have this.  Regardless of how fancy their cards are or what type of paper stock they’re printed on your cards will stand out.

These smiley face cards will also be a great conversation starter.  Who can hate someone to put smiley face stickers on their business cards?  It’s kind of like the idea of smiling at others and letting your happiness rub off on them.  You’re giving them a smile on your card and unless your slimeball with bad character (which in that case I recommend you go to a church and start reading your Bible and changing your ways because life is too short to be a slimeball) this will increase your trust factor.

Change your perception and change your future!

Placing a smiley sticker on your business card Is just another way of opening up conversations, having people remember you, gaining people’s trust, and eventually making more sales.

So be nice, put a smiley sticker on your business cards and watch what happens! Just as an FYI, this one little technique basically doubled my sales all by itself!

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